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3 Dec 2022

Dragonfly @ Ecstatic Dance Limburg

Ursulakapel Roermond

More info & Tickets

9 Dec 2022

Ecstatic Dance met Dragonfly Band @ Soefitempel Katwijk aan Zee

Soefitempel Katwijk aan Zee

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30 Dec 2022

The Portal to (Y)Our Heart van Corona Meerman met o.a. Dragonfly 


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21 Jan 2023

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band NewYears Opening in de prachtige kapèl in Schijndel

Het Gasthuis Schijndel

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Past Performances 2021


29 Okt 2022

Cacao ceremony & Ecstatic Dance with Dragonfly at Yogafit Retreats 


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If you would like to take part in the retreat, contact Dymphi Peeters for a discount code:

7 Okt 2022

Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ LIVE Band *DRAGONFLY* │ CacaoCeremony


More info & tickets

16 July 2022

Dragonfly @ Healingfestival

More info & tickets

26 Juni 2022

Ecstatic & Tantric Dance met Dragonfly in de Heaven


More info & tickets

29 April 2022

Dragonfly @ Retraite Boerderij Welcome Home

19:00 - 22:30

Baexem (Midden-Limburg)

More info & tickets


20 February 2022 

Cacao & Ecstatic Dance met Dragonfly @ Toren van Licht - Den Haag

Den Haag
More info & tickets

7 August (cancelled due to regulations)

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band Special @ Hieros Gamos

More info:


17 July (cancelled due to water)

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band Special @ Ecstatic Dance festival Holland

Kasteel De Berckt, Baarlo
More info:


21 June

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band Solstice Special Den Haag @ Church of Intuitive Music

19:15 - 22:00h,

Den Haag, location in mail

More info


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